ISE-DA — A platform 
promoting visual arts culture for
young creatives, collectors
and enthusiasts of the
Black and African diaspora.


The artist’s role is to raise the consciousness
of the people.
To make them understand life, the world and themselves more completely

– Amiri Baraka

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   ISE-DA  •   ìṣèda
Yoruba to English Translation: creation

About us

ISE-DA is a platform focused on supporting international Black contemporary art. Our end goal? A connected community of young Black people who are interested, invested and informed about art across the Diaspora.

ISE-DA aims to cultivate a pioneering generation of collectors and artists who will push Black arts culture forward and who are invested in the social and financial growth of the Black art market.

Our platform provides a network of art collectors, curators and administrators. We deliver customized support for those eager to be invested in the arts community.

Through our hosted panels and workshops, ISE-DA provides resources for our community to learn about the workings of the commercial art industry. We aim to dispel common misconceptions about participating within the industry, building an art collection, and sustainable career prospects available. Our international network and outlook further allow for our community to be knowledgeable about Black arts movements and cultures cross-nationally.

A core aspect to ISE-DA is being able to reimagine what the art ecosystem and art engagement looks like for our community. This includes experimenting with various exhibition formats, promoting collective exhibitions and transforming how our community interacts with art.


Fola is a student in the Master of Art - Art Business program at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She leads business development and strategy for ISE-DA. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Art History at Emory University, where she received the Emory NAACP Presidential Image Award, the Goizueta Business School Campus Leadership Award and a Graduating Woman of Excellence Award. She was also inducted into the Class of 2017 Senior Honorary. Fola has previously worked as a management consultant and interned at art institutions such as the High Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art. She is currently a 2020 Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellow.

George Kofi Prah is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist from Ghana, based in New York city. George leads visual design and art direction for ISE-DA. He is a designer at creative branding agency, Loyal Kaspar and also collaborates with friends on creative projects in his spare time. His design work has been featured in Graphis Magazine New Talent (2017) and the Indigo Design Awards (2018). His personal illustration work explores consciousness and the nuances of human connection, with each other and spirituality. Inspired by surrealism, sci-fi motives, phsycology, everyday life and religion, his illustrations depcit short vignettes into the worlds and minds of fascinating characters.
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