How to understand Black art across the diaspora

Reflecting on 2020


This year was hard.

With so much loss, increased political tension, and isolation, saying that this year was challenging is an understatement.

Despite the devastation that 2020 brought, there were moments for celebration. We mourn those we lost but are grateful for those that we still have. 

The importance of visual culture in Black Liberation movements became more prominent with the Black Lives Matter protests, the work of collective such as See in Black, and the conitnued work of Black art professionals in providing space those of African descent in the visual arts world.

We are thankful to have soft-launched this year and to have successfully built an engaged community as dedicated to visual culture from Black perspectives.
We are immensely grateful to you for being part of our journey as we strive to promote, connect, and engage with arts across the Black and African diaspora.

The ISE-DA team reflected on the moments of 2020 that brought us joy in the field of visual culture.

Here is a recap of ISE-DA’s year in 2020:

We look forward to growing with you all in 2021 and progressing towards our goal:

A connected community of young Black people who are interested, invested, and informed about art across the Diaspora.