How to understand Black art across the diaspora


Notable Exhibitions and Artists

It is my goal as an artist to create works that expose injustice and reveal beauty. The rainbow is literally a spectrum of color while spiritually a symbol of hope and promise. - Betye Saar

Across the Diaspora, the works of Black artists who individually and collectively sought to promote the visuals, pride, and social experience of Black communities have been included in multiple exhibitions. From the Studio Museum Harlem to the Tate in the United Kingdom, the art of Black Liberation has empowered and inspired the creativity and minds of others. It has transformed ideals around Black existence, carved out spaces for understanding nuances of Black experiences, and continued to help instill pride in Black people. Artists such as Barkley L. Hendricks have included portraiture of Black idnviduals form Black perspectives into the art historical canon. Betye Saar has reclaimed the image of the Mammy figure through her assemblage.