How to understand Black art across the diaspora

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New Collectors Program

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Building community around Black Cultural Stewardship

ISE-DA’s primary aim is to cultivate a community of Black collectors looking to build culturally impactful art collections. With our fine art expertise spanning more than 10 years and our international network, we look forward to connecting you with the wider Black art ecosystem. 

Members of our Collectors Program last fall have purchased and commissioned work by international artists through our program and advisory services. 

Our Spring/Summer Program features:

  • 4 - 6 sessions on Black art in New York, which includes:
         - A Collecting Black Art  session 
         - A private exhibition tour
         - An artist studio visit
  • A curated newsletter about Black Art in the news
  • Information about upcoming gallery shows in New York
  • Access to works for sale by international and domestic Black artists

We are especially excited for our artist studio visit in June!