How to understand Black art across the diaspora


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Past Events

Carnegie Hall: Afrofuturism Festival

ISE-DA as a Cultural Partner
ISE-DA has been selected as a cultural partner for Carneigie Hall’s Afrofuturism festival. 

February and March, 2022

Private Event: New Collectors Evening

ISE-DA x 52 Walker
ISE-DA held a New Collectors Evening for Black Professionals at 52 Walker, the newest David Zwirner space. Ebony L. Haynes provided our guests with a tour of their current exhibition by Nikita Gale, End of Subject.   

January 27, 2022

Private Event: Cultural Stewardship & Art Collecting

ISE-DA x Newell Brands
ISE-DA held a corporate presentation for Newell Brands that dicussed Cultural Stewardship through Art Collecting. In this presentation, our discussion ranged from the art market landscape to why it is important for Black professionals to be stewards of culture. 

November 11, 2021